[Malaysia & Singapore] Red Bean Soup


30g Rice flour

30g Tapioca starch

50g Sugar

350 g red beans

200 g palm sugar

2 pandan leaves knotted

2.0 l of water

200 ml of Emma UHT Coconut Milk 18%

Preparation Methods

Step 1

Wash red beans thoroughly with water

Step 2

Bring 2.0 l of water to boil. Add red beans and cook for about 30 minutes, turn off heat. Let them soaked with lids on for about 30- 45 minutes for faster cooking

Step 3

Bring it back to boil, add pandan leaves, palm sugar and lower heat. Let it simmer until the beans are soft.

Step 4

Add 200 ml of Emma UHT Coconut Milk and let it simmer for few minutes. Turn off the heat.

Step 5

Ready to be served hot and you can add some Emma UHT Coconut Milk 18% if you want.

Products used in this recipe:

lactose free coconut milk

Emma Coconut Milk 200mL, 18% Fat

Ingredients: Coconut milk, Water, Stabiliser (Plant Based Guar Gum E412)

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