[Malaysia] Nyonya Laksa


For the paste:

200g red onions

6 pips garlic

20g galangal

20g fresh turmeric

70g fresh large chilis

5 lemongrass

8g ginger

35g dried chilies

100g dried prawns

20g belachan

150g oil

For the stock:

400g prawns, de-shelled

500g live clams

1 litre water

3 lemongrass

500g Emma UHT Coconut Milk 18%

50g rock sugar

20g salt

10g ikan bilis seasoning

200g tofu puff

Preparation Methods

For the paste:

1. Blend everything together (except belachan and oil) until fine.

2. Heat up oil and saute blended ingredients until fragrant.

3. Add in belachan and continue cooking at low heat until the paste dries up.

For the stock:

1. Cook the prawn shell with 1 litre of water for 15 minutes. Add in prawns meat and poach at low heat for 3 minutes. Keep the cooked prawn meats, discard the shell and keep the liquid.

2. Steam clams for 5 minutes over high heat, keep the meat and liquid but discard the shell.

To cook the stock:

1. Add the prawn stock, 1 litre of water and clams stock into a pot.

2. Add in all the paste and 3 lemongrass. Cook for 20 minutes.

3. Add in Emma UHT Coconut Milk 18%.

4. Season with rock sugar, salt, ikan bilis and tofu puff.

5. Serve with noodle.

Products used in this recipe:

Emma Coconut Milk 1 L, 18% Fat

Ingredients: Coconut milk, Water, Stabiliser (Plant Based Guar Gum E412)

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