Kapar Coconut Industries Sdn Bhd is relocated to Perak from Kapar, Malaysia. Operated since 1985, it has wide experience in spray dried coconut. It main production is coconut milk/cream powder as well as desiccated coconut.

Our plant has complete facilities and technology to do pasteurization, homogenization, spray dry, canning, auger filing, packing, quality control, and R&D.

We have our own steam boiler plant to generate steam for our production needs. The system serves to minimize environmental impact by consuming captured carbon material & industrial waste such as wood planks. Our waste water treatment plant ensures our goods are made responsibly and sustainable to the environment.

We aim to be a responsible & ethical manufacturer that will contribute to the wellbeing of the community it operate in. We are always ready to change & adapt to changing business environment and to capitalize on our competitive advantage.

We strive to be innovative to meet new customer needs while improve efficiency & productivity through efficient work procedure with motivated workforce and honesty.