[Malaysia & India] Coconut Chutney


¾ cup Emma Low Fat Dessicated Coconut

1 ½ to 2 tbsp fried gram or chana dal or peanuts

1/8 inch ginger piece or 1 garlic clove

2 green chillies or red chillies

¼ tbsp salt

½ tbsp cumin or jeera


¼ cup coriander leaves or 10 to 12 mint leaves

Lemon juice or little tamarind soaked in hot water

Seasoning (optional):

1 tbsp oil

1 red chilli(smashed)

1 curry leaves

¼ tbsp mustard or rai

1 pinch hing or asafoetida

Preparation Methods

1. Add Emma Low Fat Dessicated Coconut, ginger, cumin, green chillies, salt & fried gram to a blender or chutney jar.

2. If you do not have fried gram dry roast peanuts or chana dal until golden and aromatic.

3. Cool all the ingredients and add them to jar.

4, Blend all the ingredients well without adding water. This helps to get smooth chutney. Scrape the sides

5. Blend until smooth. Pour water as needed and blend to get a smooth chutney

6. Taste it and add more salt and chillies if needed. Transfer it into a bowl

Optional-Tempering coconut chutney

1. Heat a pan with 1 tbsp oil

2. When oil is heated, add mustard

3.Soon they will crackle then add broken red chilli, I pinch urad dal(optional) and curry leaves

4. When the curry leaves turn crisp, add hing and pour this over the coconut chutney.

5. Serve coconut chutney with dosa, idli, vada or Pongal.


Products used in this recipe:

Kelapa Parut Kering Rendah Lemak (Low Fat DC) 120g

Ingredients: Low Fat Grated Coconut

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