EMMA in Malay simple means ‘mother’. Mother is a single word that embodies all of the love a human being could possibly offer. Traditionally, a mother shows her love by using only natural wholesome ingredients to cook for the family.

Emma Story
A taste of Mom's Love

Emma Story

In the islands of the Archipelago, where turquoise waters caress sandy shores, a culinary tradition thrives. A tradition steeped in love, passed down through generations, and embodied by a simple yet profound word: “EMMA.”

EMMA, in the language of Archipelago Malay, resonates as “Mother.” But it is not merely a linguistic translation; it encapsulates the very essence of maternal devotion—the unwavering love that a mother gives upon her family. A single word that embodies within it the warmth of countless meals prepared with care, and the fragrant aromas that linger in cozy kitchens.

Traditionally, mothers across the archipelago have expressed their love through their culinary artistry. To them, cooking is an act of love, the love encoded in Emma. They knew the secret alchemy of transforming humble ingredients into nourishing feasts. Each spoonful carried memories—the laughter of family gatherings, and the joy of breaking bread together. A generation united by flavour of Emma.

Ethical Sustainability

At our coconut plantation, we take pride in our commitment to ethical practices. Unlike some other operations, we firmly stand against the use of monkeys for coconut plucking. Instead, we employ local workers who skillfully harvest the coconuts with appropriate tools.

Our philosophy is rooted in respect for both nature and humanity. By choosing not to exploit animals, we contribute to a more compassionate and sustainable environment.

Our coconut groves thrive, and so do the communities that rely on this work. Together, we cultivate a future where progress and compassion go hand in hand.


Eramas Group of companies comprises of sales and marketing companies as well as local and oversea manufacturing plants. Our sales and marketing companies consist of Erapoly Global Sdn Bhd which handles oversea export and Eramas Marketing (SEA) Sdn Bhd which handles local market. Our manufacturing plants are Eramas Ingredients Sdn Bhd (Bdr Enstek, Negeri Sembilan) and PT Eramas Coconut Industries (Medan, Indonesia).


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